Sceneries updates:

Nantes P3D V3 - Fix for ground lights at night
This update will be needed if you can't see the groundlights on the parking stands at night.
File to be installed into C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml - please delete file JSD_LFRS_obj_DL.xml
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Nantes Atlantique - P3D V3 / V4 "bumpy" runway and "SODE connexion lost" fixes
These updates will fix an issue with bumpy runway and taxiways + an error message when calling the jetways from GSX.

To install, first reset the scenery to default with the scenery configurator. Then please paste the .bgl and files into Prepar3D v4\JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique\scenery.

The JSD_LFRS_jetways.xml must be placed into C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml
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P3D V4: Fix for disappearing dynamic lights at LIML and LICJ
When landing at LICJ or LIML from another airport, dynamic lights effect would not show. This is now fixed.

To instal, please copy the four .fx files and paste into the "effects" folder of P3D V4.
Fix for disappearing dynamic lights LICJ[...]
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Milan Linate P3D V4

Milan Linate scenery is now P3D V4 compatible.

Just login to your SimMarket account and download the standalone installer ( JetStream_LIML_P3DV4.exe ). Please read carefully the PDF file which will open once install is complete and tell you how to add the scenery to your P3D V4 scenery library.

Milan Linate AFCAD update (02/03/2017)
This new AFCAD file comes with several fixes (navaids, Milan city buildings back in place, etc.). Please check changelog from the .zip file for full list of fixes.

To install just copy and paste the new AFCAD bgl into your Prepar3D v3\SimMarket\JetStream - Milano Linate P3Dv3\data\Scenery or Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimMarket\JetStream - Milano Linate FSX\data\Scenery.

Many thanks to Jan "hotelfox" and Frank "elgato" for helping us a lot with improving our Milan Linate AFCAD!
update 1.1 AFCAD
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Compatibility files for FranceVFR© Lorraine HD photoreal addon.



Improved AFCAD file by Jan "hotelfox"


- Aircraft follow taxilines more precisely

- Size of parkings avoids collision of Ai aircraft

- The revised paths prevent AI aircraft from taxiing through parking aircraft.

- All default approaches are rebuilt corresponding to the present RWY designators


Users should set airport vehicle density to 0% in case they want to get rid of the default
service/pushback trucks.


To install just paste the bgl file into the scenery folder of the LFML X 2013 scenery.


Many thanks to Jan "hotelfox" for his very valuable work on this AFCAD!


In order to download the update, please connect to your Simmarket account.

Update 1.2: several major improvements. Please follow the install instructions PDF file

Update 1: for users experiencing performance issues.

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